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               When people take a countryside tour on a Sunday afternoon, they want to see cows grazing in lush green pastures, horses galloping, jumping in the air, and of course no tractor or other machinery. They forget that farming is a business and sometimes farmers have to work on the day of rest, Sunday. This is particularly evident in Switzerland, my homeland, where there are laws in place restricting farmers when and where they can work on a Sunday.

                I was born in Switzerland on a dairy farm, we moved to the land of opportunity, Canada, in 1991. Since then, I have gone back to the land known for chocolate, cheese and being neutral on numerous occasions to work on a dairy farm. The farmers are paid incentives to have their cows graze in the Alps, spreading a positive image of farming to consumers. The government also believes that the cows in the Alps attract tourists. Tourists love seeing these cows with their bells grazing in the mountains. These bells actually serve a purpose; they are worn so if a cow gets lost or stuck on the mountain side the farmer can follow the sound of the bell to save their cow.

                It humours me to think that the government would pay farmers to bring their cows to the alp so the Country can gain more revenue off tourists. However, it is a very smart idea. You are making more money for the land, but also spreading a positive image to consumers. When they see such happy cows, they are more apt to buy milk and other milk products. If they would see a cow being mistreated, we have the opposite reaction; they may buy less milk products.


~ by mpfister on December 3, 2009.

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