Asparagus re-explode into market

          David Wolyn, a researcher at the University of Guelph, is the founder of a locally grown, yield-maximizing asparagus cultivar. In 1996, he created the OAC Millenium Asparagus, which is said to have saved the Ontario asparagus growers. This variety can withstand the Canadian weather, and maintains yields throughout the entire 15 years of production. The latest findings of this asparagus all-star, is that it contains skyrocketing levels of antioxidants. It has the highest level of rutin, the antioxidant, compaired to all other cultivars.

          I love asparagus and this gives me one more reason to eat more of them! Asparagus are very healthy for you, and now that they have discovered it is high in antioxidants they are even more beneficial. Antioxidants reduce the risk of getting cancer, heart disease and can potentially make you live longer. Many people from my community and family have been affected by cancer. If there is any way to decrease the chance of avoiding this terrible disease I would do it. Eating the Millennium Asparagus and other foods containing antioxidants does just this!

          David Wolyn is looking where in the asparagus rutin is located. They are experimenting new foodstuffs such as powdered asparagus that you could mix in with your soup or dip for example to try and increase consumption.  They are trying to find ways to capitalize on the concentration and quantity of rutin in asparagus and find new ways to sell them.


~ by mpfister on November 22, 2009.

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