Loss for one, gain for many

          On October 28th, 2009 history was made as one of Ontario’s most widely known and appreciated cow herd’s was sold. The Dupasquier Family residing just outside of Guelph had a complete dispersal sale due to family health reasons. You will find top genetics on this farm, strong, big-framed, beautiful cows. They made Canada proud as they won on seven different occasions, Premier Breeder, down at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, U.S., one of the most prestigious awards and shows in the showing world. They are a master breeder herd, an award giving to only few producers in Canada that have a high level or production and genetics in their herd. It is a title that all dairy producers strive for.

                I took the morning off school and attended the sale. There was a massive turnout, many eager farmers wanting to get their hands on some of the unique cow families from this herd. The cows where selling exceptionally well, a heifer that I was interested in went for $11,500- a little too high for my student pocket. Emotions swept over me as I watched each cow get sold. I imagined having to sell our herd; I do not know how I could handle this. I am very attached to my cows, Daisy and Pinky in particular, and have a special relationship with them. This may sound funny, but they are like family to us. The relationship we have to our cows is similar to the relationship you may have to your cat or dog. Imagine watching your “best friend” being sold and taken home to a new family. 

                This was a hard time for the family, but there is always a positive side to every situation. The Dupasquier Family worked hard to build a herd of genetic value with exceptional cow families. Many farmers only dream of having the Grand Champion cow at the World Dairy Expo, or Supreme Champion at the Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto. This sale has allowed farmers to introduce these genetically valuable cows into their herd and hopefully improve their genetics. They can maintain and enhance the legacy of the high quality Dupasquier cattle.  They will always be remembered as one the best breeders in Ontario.


~ by mpfister on November 8, 2009.

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