The Final Countdown

It’s almost here! City, meet country, because the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is coming to Toronto in less than two weeks! On Friday Nov.6 the 10 day extravaganza begins filled with ‘fun, excitement, and discovery!’ It is such an exciting time of year as horses, cows, sheep, and goats leave the farm and have vacation in our provinces’ capital city. Traditional must-see exhibits and events include the butter sculptures, 4-H shows, National Dairy and Beef show, the Canadian Horse Show Jumping competition. New feature highlights for this years fair includes; Christmas at the Royal, Royal Wine Competition and Farmz On Wheelz. There is also the new Seed Survivor area for children and adults where you can test your ability to thrive and survive in this virtual journey.

As soon as the Royal is over, I am already looking forward to next years’. I love the Royal! I do not know if I love it so much because I get to see everyone from  4-H, university,  or from the agricultural scene again, or the fact that I get to work for OFAC (Ontario Farm Animal Council) and educate fair-goers about the importance of our agriculture industry. During the first weekend I either show or watch the 4-H dairy show. This is a National Youth Show that brings together over 250 members. It is such an amazing weekend working with your county and competing for a spot in the finals.

The Royal Agricultural Fair is a excellent way for the city to meet the country. They can get the chance to interact with farmers and industry leaders and learn how and where their food is grown. It is vital for consumers to know that their food is one of the safest foods grown in the world. There are many exhibits displaying what Ontario’s farmers have to offer, and promote that “good things grow in Ontario”. So, I hope that all of you can make it out sometime during the 10 day fair and join the celebration of country life!


~ by mpfister on October 23, 2009.

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