4-H Benefits All

         4-H, the oldest youth program in Canada, is dedicated to the personal development of youth.  Youth of ages 10-21 can sign up for various clubs throughout the year that a trained adult leads. There is a club for everyone, they range from animal clubs like dairy, beef, swine, or horse to homemaking clubs such as cooking, baking, sewing, knitting. The clubs meet six times throughout the year and learn about the respected area of interest. It is an interactive, hands-on, learning experience for youth.

       I have been part of 4-H for the past ten years, sadly graduating this year from this great program. I have completed over 30 clubs, and taken advantage of the many opportunities 4-H has to offer. Not only do they offer clubs to members, but also camps, exchanges, and conferences. I got the chance to travel to Alberta on a 4-H exchange and experience the wild-west cowgirl life. Through this program I have met so many people across Canada and made important contacts in the Agriculture industry.

        4-H, a program designed for youth, is such an important program in getting youth ready for their future. In 4-H clubs, youth are elected positions; president, secretary, etc., and must run the ‘business’ aspect of the meetings. Not only are they learning about the club’s topic, but also leadership, communication, and team-working skills. This program helped shape the person I am today, I am so grateful to have been part of this program and suggest anyone eligible to join!

Check out the 4-H Ontario Website: www.4-hontario.ca

4-H Program


~ by mpfister on October 13, 2009.

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