Severance Land, Severance Communities

          Perth County known for its intensive agricultural scenery passed a policy denying severancing land less than 50 acres. The municipality proposed allowing landowners, mostly farmers, to sell 1 acre plots for community expansion in the rural areas. Supporters of the proposal linked the decline of student enrolment to the lack of population in the countryside. Also, the town-dwellers that purchase these plots would take pride in their homes and restore the community’s history and culture. The farmers struck back concerned that having non-farming tenants will only cause problems. Arguing, population is decreasing since families are not as large as they used to be, and farm practices create odours and good agricultural land should be maintained.

       Finally the Perth County Council listened to the farming community not the complaining city dwellers and denied the Severance Policy. I am extremely happy with this decision. Having had non-farming tenants on one of our farms I know the issues, hassles, and stupidity that we faced. We were either driving too fast with the machinery, our animals odour apparently overpowered the ‘sweet smell of the country’, or we were interrupting their quite time. Well excuse me if we have a multi-million business to run. Do you think we like working in the wee hours of the morning planting corn or harvesting silage? Farmers don’t do this on purpose to make people mad, we do this because we need to get that crop in the ground, or get the silage in before it rains. We are ones who after a long days work, still need to get up the next morning at 5:30 and milk the cows. Declining the severance policy I think will save the farmers from these hassles that we have had to deal with. Thank you Perth County Council!

        Driving through the pork capital of Ontario and seeing the farmers harvesting their corn and soybeans brings a sparkle to my eye. It is a sight everyone must see, especially since this is where the food on your plate may come from. It’s a sight for everyone to see, not experience. If you cannot deal with noise or having your neighbour work till sunrise in the fields, the country is not the place for you. It’s these people that rural communities fear would purchase the severanced land and cause problems. The rural community is only trying to keep peace and allow the farmers to continue their business with severances


~ by mpfister on September 28, 2009.

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